Adding a Copyright to Images

In broad terms, a copyright identifies your ownership of images. On the T3i/600D, you can add your copyright information so that your name and other information is embedded into each image that you shoot. This copyright information can be a first step in proving your ownership of images that are used without your permission. For this and other reasons, I encourage you to enter your copyright information. You only have to enter it once for it to be used on all your images. Also, the copyright information appears only in the images metadata, and not on printed images.

TIP: To complete the copyright process, register your images with the United States Copyright Office. For more information, visit

Additional Setup Options

The T3i/600D has a number of handy setup options that can make your shooting easier and more efficient. You may have already set more of these options, but in case you missed some, you can check Table 1.3 and see which one you want to set or change.

The additional setup options are typically those that you set up only once, although some you may revisit in specific shooting scenarios. For example, I prefer to turn on the autofocus confirmation beep in most shooting situations. But at a wedding or an event where the sound of the beep is intrusive, I turn it off.

Also, you may prefer to have vertical images automatically rotate on the LCD to the correct orientation. However, this rotation makes the LCD images smaller, so you may prefer to rotate vertical images only for computer display.

Table 1.3 provides a guide for these additional setup options. If you don't see an option listed in the table, check to see which shooting mode you've set on the Mode dial. Some options are not available in the automatic shooting modes such as Portrait, Landscape, and Sports. If an option isn't available, just change the Mode dial to P, Tv, Av, M, or A-DEP to access the option. In other instance.

Manual Reset

If you choose Manual reset, the camera first creates a new folder on the memory card, and then it saves images to the new folder starting with file number 0001. Then the file numbering returns to Continuous or Auto - whichever option you used previously.

Then Manual reset option is handy if you want the camera to create separate folders for images that you take over a span of several days.

To change the file-numbering method on the T3i/600D, follow these steps:

1. On the Setup 1 menu, select File numbering, and then press the Set button. Three file-numbering options appear with the current setting highlighted.

2. Press the down cross key to select Continuous, Auto reset, or Manual reset, and then press the Set button. Then option you choose remains in effect until you change it with the exception of Manual reset, as noted previously.
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