Auto Reset

With this file-numbering option, you can have the file number restart with 0001 each time you insert a different card. If the memory card has images stored on it, then numbering continues from the highest image number stored on the card. So if you want the image numbering to always begin at 0001, then be sure to insert a freshly formatted memory card each time you replace the card.

Continuous File Numbering

When you begin using the T3i/600D, the camera automatically numbers images sequentially. When you replace the memory card, the camera remembers the last highest image number and continues numbering from the last file number. Images are numbered sequentially using a unique, 4-digit number from 0001 to 9999. The camera continues sequential numbering until you shoot image number 9999. At that point, the camera creates a new folder, and new images that you shoot restart with number 0001.

This file-numbering sequence continues uninterrupted until you insect a memory card that already has images on it. At that point, the T3i/600D notes the highest file number on the memory card, and then uses the next highest number when you take the next image - provided that the number is higher than the highest image number stored in the camera's memory. Stated another way, the camera use the highest number that is either on the memory card or that is stored in the camera's internal memory. Then the camera uses that number to continue file numbering. If it is important to you that files be numbered consecutively, then be sure to insert formatted/empty memory cards into the camera.

An advantage of Continuous file numbering is that, to a point, this file-numbering option ensures unique file name, making managing and organizing images on the computer easier because there is less chance that images will have duplicate file names.
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