Auto Reset

With this file-numbering option, you can have the file number restart with 0001 each time you insert a different card. If the memory card has images stored on it, then numbering continues from the highest image number stored on the card. So if you want the image numbering to always begin at 0001, then be sure to insert a freshly formatted memory card each time you replace the card.
If you like to organize images by memory card, Auto reset is a good option. However, be aware that multiple images that you store on the computer will have the same file name. This means that you should create separate on the computer and follow scrupulous folder organization to avoid file name conflicts and potentially overwriting images that have the same file name.

TIP: Now is a good time to create a system for storing images in folders on your computer. I know from experience that the time spent creating a solid file system for storing images pay big dividends over time.


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