Adding a Copyright to Images

In broad terms, a copyright identifies your ownership of images. On the T3i/600D, you can add your copyright information so that your name and other information is embedded into each image that you shoot. This copyright information can be a first step in proving your ownership of images that are used without your permission. For this and other reasons, I encourage you to enter your copyright information. You only have to enter it once for it to be used on all your images. Also, the copyright information appears only in the images metadata, and not on printed images.

TIP: To complete the copyright process, register your images with the United States Copyright Office. For more information, visit

To enter your copyright and name on your images, follow these steps:

1.12 The author name entry screen
1. On the Setup 3 camera menu tab, highlight Copyright information, and then press the Set button. The Copyright information screen appears.    
2.  Highlight the option you want, such as Enter author's name or Enter copyright details, and then press the Set button. A screen appears where you can enter the name or detail (Show in Figure 1.12)

3.  Press the Q button to activate the keyboard portion of the screen, and then press the left or right cross key or turn the Main dial to move the cursor to the letter you want to enter. You can enter up to 63 letters, symbols, and numbers.

4. Press the Set button to insert the letter in the top portion of the screen. You make a mistake and want to delete a character, press the Erase (trash can) button.

5. When you're finished press the Menu button to return to the previous screen where you can choose to enter copyright details or the author name, whichever one you didn't choose in Step 3. You can cancel entering text by pressing the Info. button. To display copyright, repeat Step 1 and 2, and in Step 3, choose Display copyright info.

TIP: If you need to delete the copyright information, choose Delete copyright information on the Copyright information screen in the Setup 3 menu.


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