Chossing a Shooting Mode

Here is a high-level  summary to help  you choose a shooting mode:

> When you want to shoot quickly without worrying about changing camera settings, choose a Basic Zone shooting mode such as Portrait, Landscape, or Sports mode to have the camera take control of everything. You can choose the image-quality settings and a few other options. Press the Q button to display the Quick Control screen to see what adjustments you can make.
> When you want more control with a minimum of adjustment, set the Mode dial to Creative Auto (CA) shooting mode. Then press the Q button, on the back of the camera to display the Quick Control screen. On this screen, you can choose a Ambience setting that changes the overall contrast and color saturation of  your images. You can set the level of background blur, which is the same as changing the f-stop. Just press the left down cross keys to select the last settings ; Drive mode and flash firing.  Press the left or right cross key to select Drive mode or Flash firing, press the Set button, and then choose the setting you want. Then  press the Set button.

> When you want a lot of control or complete control of the exposure and the camera settings, select P, Tv, M, or A-DEP shooting mode. In P mode, you can use the camera's suggested settings, or you can temporarily change the f-stop and shutter speed for one picture simply by turning the Main dial. In Av and Tv modes, the camera sets the focus automatically. In manual mode , you can set the f-stop and shutter speed yourself. In these modes, you can control ISO, all the features of the camera including the White Balance, drive mode, focus (except in A-DEP mode,) and autofocus mode, as well as other things

With the shooting mode set on the Mode dial, you can begin shooting,. If you set the camera to P, Tv, Av, or M shooting mode, be sure to read the next section on focusing,


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