A Quick Look at Key T3i/600D Camera Controls

For most of your everyday shooting, you have the camera controls you need within easy reach. The following main controls can bes used together on separately to control most functions on the T3i/600D.

Mode Dial : This dial enables you to choose a shooting mode. Shooting modes determine how much control you have over you images and over camera settings. To select a shooting mode, turn the Mode dial until the mode you want is lined up with the line on the camera boy.

Cross keys : When you are shooting images, you can use these keys to make adjustments to the AF (Autofocus mode), Drive  (Drive mode) that is displayed as an icon, WB (White Balance), or Picture Style. When your are using the camera menus, use these keys to select a menu tab, to move to a menu options, and to make other menu selections. Then press the Set Button to confirm your menu choices. The Set button functions like an OK button for many action.

Main dial and shutter button : Use the Main dial to move among camera menu tabs, to make selections  on the Quick Control screen, to change the aperture in Av shooting mode, and to change the shutter speed in Manual shooting mode. Half-press the shutter button to set the focus. Then simply fully press the shutter button to makes the picture.

Quick Control button : The Q on the back of the camera is very handy for quick access to the camera settings you change most often as you're shooting. Press the Q button, press one of the cross keys to select the setting you want to change, and then turn then Main dial to adjust the setting


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