You don't have to be an experienced photographer to get great pictures and movies from the EOS Rebel T3i/600D, and that's one of the beauties of the camera. But if you've explored the camera, then you know that there are far more features and options under the hood of the T3i/600D than its simple exterior suggests. Discovering and understanding all that the T3i/600D offers is challenging, and it helps if you have a seasoned guide.

And that's where the Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600D Digital Field Guide come in handy. It is designed to guide you through the camera while helping you get excellent images as you learn. And as you read, you're encouraged to explore the creative options that are available at every turn with this camera. So if you've are moving up from a point-and-shoot camera to the T3i/600D, you'll find controls that are immediately familiar to you. Even in the automatic modes, the T3i/600D offers you some creative control over images. As your skills grow, and as you read at , you can transition on the semi-automatic and manual modes, where you have full creative control. This blog is written to help you make that transition.

Given that the T3i/600D is a great camera to grow your photography skills,it's also good to know that the camera sports some of the newest technologies in Canon's stable-technologies that help deliver excellent image quality. For example, the image sensor offers 18 megapixels that produce images that make beautiful prints at 11 x 17 inches and larger. The color out of the the camera is pleasing and exposures are consistent thanks in large part to Canon's newest metering system. This system uses a dual-layer metering sensor that reads both illumination and color from 63 zones and combines it with information from the autofocus system. You also get the latest iteration of Canon's venerable DIGIC processor, which has 14-bit range up to 12800, Live View shooting, and a goodly number of customization options.

The camera offers speedy performance at 3.7 frames per second during continuous shooting to record up to 34 large JPEGs in a shooting burst. That makes it a capable camera for photographing everything from school football games to skiing competitions. With the high-resolution 1080p HD video, the T3i/600D becomes a great tool for video snapshot feature,l you can shoot a series of video clips and save them as a short film in a video snapshot album.

With that short introduction to some of the features of the T3i/600D,  is written to be your one-stop, go-to resource. You'll learn not only what the camera features and options are, but also when and how to use them - without needing to refer back to the camera manual. And if you are new to digital photography or the returning after a long hiatus, be sure to check out the introduction to photographic exposure. learn more about camera, getting the best quality, and getting great color. From there you can explore customizing the camera, using Live View Shooting, video, flash, and lenses in any order you want.

Before your begin reading, know that the best way to learn T3i/600D andphotography is to shoot, evaluate, and the shoot some more. Rinse and repeat. Carry the camera with you everywhere and use it. Be fearless. Be passionated. And alway look for the light.

I hope that you enjoy reading and using this blog as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.


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