Setting the Date and Time

Setting the date and time is the first thing that the camera asks you to do. Once you set it, the date and time are embedded into Exif ( Exchangeable Image File Format ) data for every image that you make. The EXIF data contains all the information about a picture including the exposure information, camera settings, and the date and time you made the picture. You can see this information when you view your image in Image Browser, a program on the EOS Solution disk that comes with the camera. The date and time provides a handy record that you can use to recall when you took pictures, and it can help   you organize on your computer.
You  may also need to reset the date and time if you run the battery completely out of power.

To set the date and time, Follow these steps:

1) Press the Menu button, and then turn the Main dial to select the Set-up 2 camera menu tab.

2)Press the down cross key to select Date/Time, and then press the Set button. The Date/Time screen appears with the month control selected.

3) Press the Set button to activate the month control. The camera adds up and down arrows to the month control.

4) Press the up or down cross key until the number of the current month appears, and then press the Set button.

5) Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to set the day, year, hour, minute, and second.

6) Press the left or right cross key to select OK. and then press the Set button.


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