Why Are My Pictures Blurry?

The most common reasons for blurry pictures are :-

Handholding the camera at a show shutter speed and/or at a shutter speed that is too slow for the lens being used. This is the number one reason for blurry pictures. If everything in the images is blurry, then handshake is the problem. Controlling Exposure and Focus gives guidelines for minimum shutter speeds at with you can hold the camera without getting blur from handshake. To avoid hand shake a slow shutter speeds, you can use a tripod in interior and low-light scenes. Alternately, you can use the built-in or an accessory flash. Or you can increase the ISO sensitivity setting to get a faster shutter speed.

-The subject moves during a slow shutter speed. If only the subject is blurry and the rest of the images is sharp, then subject movement during the exposure caused the blur. Check the shutter speed in the viewfinder and if it is roughly 1/60 second or slower, then chances are good that if the child, pet, or subject you're photographing moves during the exposure, it will cause blur.

-Automatic AF-point selection. When the camera automatically selects the AF point or points, it is guessing where the subject is in the scene. Watch in the viewfinder to see which AF points the camera is using, and if the AF points are not on the subject, then move the camera, refocus, and see if you can force the camera to choose AF points where you want the sharp focus.

-The camera back- or front-focuses. Occasionally, the camera will focus in front of or behind the subject. Make it a habit to check images on the LCD after shooting to verify that the focus is precisely where you want it. Just press the AF-point Selection/Magnify button to zoom in the image on the LCD, and then press the cross keys to move around the image to the place where sharp focus should be to verify it. If the focus not in the right place, reshoot.


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