Setting The Image Quality

The image - recording quality that you use to take your pictures is an important decision because it ultimately affects how large you can print your images, the number of images that you can store on the memory card, and the "burst" rate--the maximum number of images captures when you shoot a series of images in succession in continuous shooting. The higher the images quality you set, the larger the print that you can make, and the fewer images you can store on the memory card. But with memory card prices being much more affordable in recent year, it`s worth getting a large memory card and talking advantage of the highest-quality images that the T3i/600D can deliver. Higher image quality also reduces the burst rate. But even at the Large/ Fine quality, the burst rate is a healthy 34 images.

I recommend choosing the Large/Fine recording quality to get the highest qualityJPEG images. Also, if you're an experienced photographer, then shootingRAW capture is an excellent option for getting the best image quality.

Here is how to set the image quality: 
1.  Press the Q button on the back of the camera. The Quick Control screen appears.

2. Press a cross key to select the images-recording quality entry located at the lower right of the screen, and then press the Set button. This entry displays the currently selected images-recording quality ; for example, a quarter circle icon with the letter L appears if the camera is set to Large/Fine JPEG recording. The Quality screen appears.

3. Press the left and right cross keys to select the recording quality you want, and then press the Set button. As you move through the settings, the screen display the image dimensions in pixels and the number of images that you can store on the memory card. The icons next to the letters on the Quality screen indicate the amount of compression. A quarter circle with a smopth edge indicates low compression for high image quality while a jagged icon edge indicates higher compression for lower image quality.


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