Setting up the Camera

Much of the setup for the camera is done using the camera menus. To help you navigate the menus, they are arranged by type and color.

It's important to know that the items on the camera menus change according to the shooting mode that you chose. In the automatic, or Basic Zone shooting modes. Also, the menus change when you're Movie and Live View shooting modes. So if you can't one of the options mentioned in this book, first check to see what shooting mode the camera is in, and then switch to a Creative Zone mode and check the menu again.

To use the camera menus, just press the Menu button on the back of the camera. Turn the Main Dial to move to the camera menu tab that you want, and then press the up or down cross key to choose an option. Then the Set Button To display sub options, or to open additional screens.

*If you're upgrading to the T3i/600D from an earlier Rebel, then you'll notice that the LCD display does not turn off when you move the camera to your eye. To turn the LCD display on and off, press the DISP, button on the top right of the camera.


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