Choosing The File Format and Quality

When it comes to deciding what kind of image to capture, you have three choices. You can first choose whether to shoot JPEG or RAW images, and then you can decide the size or quality of the files. The file format and quality level decision are important ones because they determine not only the number of images that you can store on the memory card, but also the size at which you can print images from the Rebel T3i/600D.

Many people want to maximize the number of images they can store on the memory card. And choosing JPEG images at a lower quality level enables you to store more images on the card. But also consider that with a high - resolution camera, you also want the best image quality that you can get. And with the lower prices of memory cards today, you can shoot at the highest quality setting and still have room on the memory card for lots of pictures. At the highest quality setting and still have room on the memory card for lots of pictures. At the highest quality settings, you can make beautiful prints at approximately 14.5x21.6 inches on inkjet printers. Even if you don't foresee printing images any large that 4 x 5 inches, you make get a once - in - a lifetime shoot that you you want to print as large as possible. For this reason, and to take advantage of the Rebel T3i/600D's fine image detail and high resolution, consider setting a highest quality setting for all you shooting.

The JPEG quality options on the Rebel T3i/600D are displayed with icons on the Quality screen that indicate the compression level of the files and the recording size. For example, a solid quarter circle and the letter "L" indicate the largest JPEG file size, with the solid quarter circle indicating the lowest level of file compression for the highest image quality. Likewise, a jagged quarter circle indicates higher compression levels and relatively lower quality, and "M" indicates medium quality. To help you decide the image quality setting to use, file formats and compression are detailed next.


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