Working With Folders

With the T3i/600D, the camera automatically creates a folder in which to store images. However, you can set up additional folders and that's helpful if you want to keep images for different scenes and subjects in separate folders. Plus using folders can help you organize images as you download them to the computer. On the T3i/600D, each folder can contain up to 9,999 images, and when that number is reached, the camera automatically creates a new folder.
The folder numbering sequence is straightforward. It starts with the default 100CANON folder and goes up to 999CANON. You can create new folders either in the camera or on the computer. Here are the folder guidelines using either option.

When image 9999 is recorded within a folder on the memory card, the camera displays error message, and you cannot continue shooting until you replace the memory card, regardless of whether the card contains additional free space. This may sound innocuous, but it can cause missed shots. So if the camera stops shooting, try replacing the card.

> Creating folders in the camera. Folders created in the camera are numbered sequentially, and begin with one number higher than the last number in the existing folder. The camera automatically creates folder 100CANON; therefore, if you create a new folder, the next folder name is 100CANON. When you create folders in the camera, the folder-naming structure is present and cannot be changed. If you insect a memory card from another Canon EOS dSLR, the folder retains the folder naming from the other EOS camera until you format the card in the T3i/600D.

> Creating folder on the computer. You can also create folders on the computer fo more flexibility in file naming. However, you must follow naming conventions. Each folder must be labeled with a unique 3-digit number from 101 to 999. Then a combination of up to five letters (upper-and/or lowercase) and/or numbers can be added with an underscore after the number. No spaces are alowed and the same three-digit number can't be repeated. So, you can create a folder name 102CKL_1, but no one name 102SKL_1.

If you format the memory card, the folders you created either in the camera or on the computer are erased along with all images. The only folder that isn't erased is the default 100CANON folder.

When you format the memory card, all existing folders except 100CANON are deleted. Thus you need to create new folders after you format the card.

To view an existing folder or create a new folder, follow these steps:

1. On the Setup 1 camera menu ta, highlight Select Folder, and then press the Set button. 
    The Select folder screen appears showing existing folder and the number of image
    in each folder.

2. To create a new folder, highlight Create folder, and then press the Set button.
    The camera displays the Select folder screen with a confirmation message
    to create a folder with the next incremented number.

3.  Select OK, and then press the Set button. The Select folder screen appears with
     the newly created folder selected.


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