Lens Controls

Depending on the lens your are using, the number and type of controls offered vary. For example, if you using an Image Stabilized lens, such as the lend, the lends barrel has a switch to turn on images Stabilization, which helps counteract the motion of you hands as you told the camera and lens,

Many Canon lenses offer the Focus modes switch the enables you to switch between autofocus or manual focus. Image Stabilization (IS) lenses offer controls to turn stabilization on or off. Lens controls differ by lens.

Depending on the lens, additional controls may include the following.
>Focusing distance range selection switch. Although no offered on the lens, this switch determines and limits the ranges that the lens uses when seeking focus to speed up autofocusing. The focusing distance range options very by lens.

>Image Stabilizer switch. This switch turns Optical Image Stabilization on or off. Optical Image Stabilization (IS) corrects vibrations at any angle when handholding the camera and lens. IS lenses typically allow sharp handheld images of two or more f-stops over the lens's maximum aperture.

>Stabilizer mode switch. Offered on some telephoto lenses, this switch has two modes: one mode for standard shooting and one mode for vibration correction when panning at right angles to the camera's panning movement.

>Zoom ring. The zoom ring adjusts the lens in or out to the focal lengths marked on the ring.

>Zoom setting. The focal length at which a zoom lens is set.

>Focusing ring. For lenses that have a focusing mode switch, the lens-focusing ring can be used at any time regardless of focusing mode by switching to Manual Focus (MF) on the side of the lens, and then turning this ring to focus.

>Distance scale and infinity compensation mark. This shows the lens's minimum focusing distance to infinity, denoted as an "8" on its side. The infinity compensation mark compensates for the shifting of the infinity focus point that result from changes in temperature. You can set the distance scale slightly past the infinity mart to compensate


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