Roadmad to the Rebel T3i/600D

With the clean desing of the T3i/600D , you can use your thumb to quickly adjust the key controls on the back of the camera. The camera has good heft that helps stabilize it in your hand. The grip is deeper then on previous models, and the channel pad on the back is sculpted to steady your thumb when you are holding the camera. when you're shooting in positions where it's awkward or impossible to look through the viewfinder, just flip out and rotate the articulated LCD screen to get a 100 percent view of the scene at the angle you need. The LCD is also indispensable when you're recording movies.

The T3i/600D's most frequently accessed camera controls are easily accessible for quick adjustments as you're shooting. Less frequently used functions are accessible from the camera menus. The following sections will help you get acquainted with the camera's buttons and controls. It's good ideal to familiarize yourself with the name of the controls because those names will be used throughout the book.


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