On the Rebel T3i/600D, you can also choose to capture both RAW and Large/Fine JPEG images simultaneously. The RAW + JPEG option on the image Quality screen show in Figure 1.110 is handy when you want the advantages that RAW file offer, and you also want a JPEG image to quickly post on a website or to send in e-mail. If you choose RAW + PPEG, both images are saved in the same folder with the same file number but with different file extensions. RAW file have a . CR2 extension, and JPEG files have a. JPG extension.

Table 1.1 shows the choices you have for images quality on the T3i and how each affects the number of images you can capture when you're using Continuous drive mode and shooting a series of images, called a burst. You'll also see the maximum number of images that you can shoot in a burst on the right side of the viewfinder. The display only goes up to 9, so if the maximum number is greater than 9, it is displayed as "9."

TIPS : The same image quality settings are available when you are shooting  movies. Just set the Mode dial to Movie mode, and then choose the Movie 2 camera menu to set the recording size.

To set the image quality, follow these steps

1. On the Shooting 1 menu select Quality, and then   press the Set button.
Quality screen appears with the currently selected quality setting displayed along with the image 
dimensions in pixels and the approximate number images you can store on the current memory
card in the camera.

2. Press the right or left cross key to select the size and quality that you want, and then press
the Set Button.


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