Viewfinder Display

On the Rebel T3i/600D, the optical, eye-level pentamirror viewfinder displays approximately 95 percent of the scene that the sensor captures. In addition, the viewfinder display the AF points, a 4-percent Spot metering circle that is displayed at the center of the viewfinder, as well as information at the bottom that displays the current shooting settings, a focus confirmation light, and other settings.

Nine AF points are displayed in the viewfinder. You can manually select an AF point by pressing the AF-point Selection/Magnify button and turning the Main dial until the AF point you want is selected. If the camera automatically selects the AF point or points, the selected AF point or points are highlighted in the viewfinder when you press down the shutter button halfway.

You can verify exposure settings, focus, and more in the viewfinder before making a picture. The display changes depending on the shooting mode you're using.


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