Overview of the T3i/600D Camera Control


There are several key camera controls that you will use often. The following selections provide methods for using the controls efficiently.

The following main controls can be used together or separately to control mos functions on the T3i/600D:

  • Cross keys. These controls (show in Figure 1.1) enable you to make adjustments to key settings in P,Tv, Av, M, and A-DEP shooting modes. Just press the AF (Autofocus mode); Drive (Drive mode), which is displayed as an icon; WB (White Balance); or Picture Style selection button, and then turn the Main dial to adjust the setting.
  • Main dial. In some camera menu screens, such as the Quality screen, you also use the Main dial (show in Figure 1.2) for selecting different options on the screen. You can also turn the Main dial to move among the camera menu tabs, and then press a cross key to select a menu option.
  • Quick Control button. This button with a Q on it not only displays the current camera settings on the LCD, but also gives you access to settings raging from the ISO and Exposure Compensation to the White Balance and images quality.Just press the Q button and press one of the cross keys to select a setting displayed on the Quick Control screen. Then turn the Main dial to change the setting. For some settings, you can press the Set button to display all the options, For example, if you select the White Balance, and then press the Set button, the White Balance setting. This is the easiest way to adjust settings when you are shooting in Program (P), Shutter-priority AE  (Tv), Aperture-priority AE (Av), Manual (M), and Automatic Depth of Field (A-DEP) shooting modes.
  • Setting (Set) button. Press the Set button, locates in the center of the cross keys, to confirm changes you makes to the options you find on the camera menus, and press it to open some sub menus. Also, when you are using the Quick Control screen, you can select a setting, such as White Balance, and then press the Set button to display all the option for the setting.

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